Song of the Multiverse: Volume 2

Allegro of War

Led by Prince Torvix and General Gunderson, the Court of Order's invasion of earth has begun. Watanabe and his companions must rescue the twins from Torvix and forge an alliance with the NAF military to resist the invasion, but his daughter Milaina, who wants to take the lives of both Lexi and Rin proves to be an unpredictable complication.

Queen Milandra's devourer arrives to bring about the end of their universe, and Rin must face it. But does Rin have the power to prevent the destruction, and the possible collapse of the multiverse itself?

You will have to read to find out. Song of the Multiverse will be available soon!

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Twilight Realms Online: Volume 1


Ever play video games? What happens when you fall asleep and awaken inside the game and you don't know whether what's happening around you is real or if it's a dream? That's what happens to Kale Blackthorne, an accomplished endgame player in the massively multiplayer online game, Twilight Realms Online.

Blackthorne, along with his friends Pascal and Zoe must navigate the chaos as thousands of players find themselves trapped inside the game and unable to log out. Whether a dream or real, they will have to get to the bottom of what happened to understand what caused this sudden change in their beloved game and led to the event known as "the cataclysm;" an event which will leave Ouroboros and Tír na nÓg forever changed. Will they be able to piece it all together and fix whatever went wrong so that they can either wake up or go home?

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The Neamhain Prophecy: Volume 1


Zoe and Liam Fairchild were two ordinary teens growing up in London who had their everyday lives interrupted by an inexplicable supernatural encounter. Years later, they discover the celestial realm and all the weird wonders it has to offer, but that’s not all, they also discover that there had been weirdness in London the whole time... right under their noses.

They learn that not only are they the children of gods, but that they are also gods themselves. Nonetheless, they have to ascend to their divinity; it has to be awakened by immersing themselves in the well of eternity. One problem, the well seems to have it’s own ideas of who should and shouldn’t be a god, and it has a tendency to consume those it considers unworthy. As if that’s not already complicated enough, not all gods are on the same page when it comes to questions of who should rule over the Omniverse or what course events should take, and some of them, led by Mendacius, the god of lies are hatching a scheme that will shatter the pleasant reality that Zoe and Liam are seeking to ascend to. They will find themselves at ground zero of a burgeoning drama of cosmological proportions, and how they react will shape events that may lead to the eventual fulfillment of a prophecy which foretells the inevitable doom of all realities... or does it?

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