Early Life 

Brett Baker was born in Pasadena, CA. He makes no secret of the fact that he grew up in a strictly religious and abusive household. While his difficult childhood left him with a whole host of anxieties, it also developed in him a strong imagination and a deep desire to tell stories. Brett became an avid player of RPGs at a very young age, and in addition to comic books, he naturally gravitated to the writings of J.R.R. Tolkein, and Michael Moorcock. Both authors became big influences on his formative years.

Early Writing 

Brett began writing at the age of 20. In his own words, the first few things he wrote were "terrible. They were just absolutely awful." But he kept writing, and as he did, his writing improved. He wrote his first novel, "Divinity" at the age of 26, and it is even filed with the Library of Congress, but due to life events that would occur in the years to come, it was never published. However, he would revisit the concepts in "Divinity," and in 2020 it would inspire him to write another series called "The Neamhain Prophecy." During this time, he also began reading two other authors who would prove to be very influential in his writing, first Roger Zelazny, and then later Neil Gaiman.


In his early 30s, Brett found religion, or rather, it found him. He moved from California to Colorado Springs to both be near family, and to pursue his faith. But he described these years as "the most miserable time of my entire life. It was a constant struggle." However, they were not unfruitful years. In 2012, he published his first book, "The Initiate's Crucible," the first novel in a science fiction tetralogy he titled "The Freeworlds Chronicles." He attended the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and graduated with both an undergraduate degree and a Master of Business Administration. But opportunities for him in Colorado Springs were sparse after graduation, and he was growing increasingly dissatisfied with his brand of faith. 

A Fresh Start

Deciding he was done with his life in Colorado Springs, Brett relocated to Denver, where he presently lives. Now realizing that the brand of faith that he once thought made him free was actually imprisoning him, he has left that part of his life behind. As a result, whole new realms of imagination have opened up to him. He is presently working on several different series of fantasy and sci-fi novels, which he plans to release simultaneously. He hopes you will join him on his journey into places of wonder... and danger.