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Welcome to my shiny new site. For those of you who stuck around for awhile, you will know this was not my first site, but this one has more bells and whistles than my previous site. I currently have blog comments turned off because on my previous site it seemed like the only people who ever wanted to use them were scammers and spammers, but that's probably because most of my friends are in the habit of connecting with me on other social media platforms. I may turn it on at some point in the future if it seems like there is legitimate interest.

For those of you who are new, there are a couple of things you should know about me.

  1. I am an indy author publishing under my own publishing label of Royal Crown Press, not some stodgy old publishing company who feels like its their job to keep new hard-working authors out of the marketplace
  2. I have zero tolerance for hate speech, homophobia, bigotry, or the propagation of authoritarian talking points.
  3. I love anything and everything nerdy, so Marvel movies, Star Wars, Anime; all that stuff!

So to summarize, new site, new blog, same salty attitude.