Short Stories, Novellas, and Novelettes

Fury of the Fates

He would watch the world burn if it made him rich...
James Sinclair Rutherford was one of the richest men in the world. But When his business partner committed suicide, he had an encounter with the supernatural. The ghost of his business partner appeared, warning him that he would be visited by three fates, and if he failed to change his ways, he would be doomed to wander the earth wearing his failures like the chains of the damned.

But Rutherford is stubborn and proud. He doesn’t believe that there is any reason that he should change his ways, even as he is being confronted by the three fates; the maiden, the midwife, and the crone. He refuses to repent, or relent.

Who are the three fates? What are the ultimate consequences of Rutherford’s actions? And what will be Rutherford’s final fate? Find out in this darkly dystopian retelling of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens for the modern age.

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Running with Epiphany

Joshua, a college freshman falls asleep in class. In his dream he visits the realm of imagination and encounters a muse named Epiphany. She sends him back to his world, but not everything goes as planned, and Epiphany gets sent to Joshua's world right along with him. The presence of a muse allows Joshua to see the truth of everything around him, and it. is. terrifying.

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Twilight Realms Online: Compendium

The Twilight Realms Online anthology containing a wealth of short stories to enrich the legends and the lore of Tír na nÓg, as presented by Brother Caedmon of the Most Holy Ecclesiastical Church of the Republic of Ouroboros.

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Wit & Whimsy, Vol. I

Shiny Garden is pleased to present the 2018 WhimsyCon anthology, featuring Slipping Into Darkness, by guest of honor Milton Davis. This year's collection takes readers on a whimsical journey of steampunk tales and fantastical adventures.

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