Volume I

The Initiate's Crucible

Abby Ashford was a student at the Psion Academy, a school dedicated to training the young and talented to become psions - telepathic and telekinetic warriors who dedicate their lives in service to the United Freeworlds. However, Abby proved to be a bit of a handful at the academy, and her life took a dramatic turn when she was shipped out to learn from Master Jax Idor as his apprentice.

But Abby's time in training may prove to be short-lived. There is a crisis brewing on the planet of Mentallos - an influential member of the Freeworlds. Can Master Idor and Abby contain the situation? Or will they find themselves overhwelmed? Find out by purchasing your copy today!

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Volume II

Master of Oceania

Abby and Qaeli are sent to Oceania - Abby's homeworld - to investigate an illegal shipment of psionic dampeners. Abby quickly begins to suspect Thomas Genovese - Oceania's very own homegrown playboy celebrity gangster - of being involved. But what neither Abby, nor Qaeli suspect is what Genovese really wants the dampeners for.

What deal has Genovese struck with the Ilmorian Empire? Furthermore, what secret connection does he have to Abby? And what is the Septastrum? Find out by purchasing your copy today!

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Volume III

Curse of the Corruptor

Abby learns of an ancient enemy that has plagued all the Oracles who have come before her - an evil spirit of corruption named Kolo - who has possessed her friend Master Tanji. Furthermore, The Doomsayer Commander Royo manipulates the situation to his advantage as he seeks to destroy Abby so that the Ilmorian Empire may claim the remaining shards of the Septastrum without further interference.

Can Abby survive battling Royo's scheming machinations and the corruptor's rage at the same time? And where do the remaining shards of the Septastrum lay hidden? Find by purchasing your copy today!

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Volume IV

Riddle of the Ancients

Abby and Qaeli are sent in search of the Corval Artanis, a legendary derelict that was the very first Coriolan ship to achieve interstellar flight. However, their search leads them to make a startling discovery. Meanwhile Abby learns that Qaeli is a latent psion, the unprecedented and unforseen destruction of the Ilmorian Empire continues, and events on New Aegis take an unexpected turn as Rinn Tanegar, the Chairman of the Galactic Senate is voted out of power in a stunning turn of events that will lead the United Freeworlds down a dark and perilous path.

How will Abby and Qaeli adapt as everything seemingly crumbles under their feet? And who will gain control over the Septastrum now that all seven of it's shards have been retrieved? Find out as the Septastrum storyline reaches it's spectacular conclusion!

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