Volume I


Zoe and Liam Fairchild were two ordinary teens growing up in London who had their everyday lives interrupted by an inexplicable supernatural encounter. Years later, they discover the celestial realm and all the weird wonders it has to offer, but that's not all, they also discover that there had been weirdness in London the whole time... right under their noses.

Zoe and Liam learn that not only are they the children of gods, but that they are also gods themselves. Nonetheless, they have to ascend to their divinity; it has to be awakened by immersing themselves in the well of eternity. One problem, the well seems to have its own ideas of who should and shouldn't be a god, and it has a tendency to consume those it considers unworthy. As if that's not already complicated enough, not all gods are on the same page when it comes to questions of who should rule over the Omniverse or what course events should take, and some of them, led by Mendacius, the god of lies are hatching a scheme that will shatter the pleasant reality that Zoe and Liam are seeking to ascend to. They will find themselves at ground zero of a burgeoning drama of cosmological proportions, and how they react will shape events that may lead to the eventual fulfillment of a prophecy which foretells the inevitable doom of all realities... or does it?

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Volume II


Following the Battle of Baratrum, Morganthe and Cymru return to Cathair Neamhai as heroes. But things take an unexpected turn when Morganthe is seduced by Lascivia. Lascivia fills Morganthe in on the dirty little secret of Cathair Neamhai, and she returns, confirming it in the well of eternity. This leads to a confrontation between Morganthe and her father Torano, one that will alter their relationship inexorably.

Cymru, meanwhile, pays a visit to Eru the Forgemaster to have a set of special weapons made. In the process, he encounters for the first time the phantoms that have always moved throughout London unseen. This leads him to investigate, and he discovers that these phantoms seem to be centered around a company called GlobalCom. He also learns that GlobalCom is more than a company, it is a cult with a nefarious purpose; one that will require his intervention. At the same time, Morganthe has a deadly encounter with the followers of the fallen goddess Morta and in an effort to escape that confrontation she finds herself in a far-off place she never expected to actually visit. While she is there recovering from her confrontation, Lascivia comes to her aid, and she brings along a surprising ally. Finally, Lascivia suggests that Morganthe retrieve a powerful artifact from the past, one that could shift the balance of power forever. What's the dirty little secret of Cathair Neamhai? What is GlobalCom's true purpose? And what is this powerful artifact?

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Volume III


Morganthe and Lascivia band together with their allies in London calling themselves the gods apostate in defiance of both the gods celestial and the gods infernal. Before the gods apostate stand any chance of surviving on their own, however, Morganthe and Lascivia must complete their deal to retrieve the spear illuminous so that they might use it to end the threat of the underdweller, but they both quickly learn that they will have their work cut out for them.

Cymru, fresh off receiving Anon's startling revelation of the Nemhain's true identity begins his training with Nef, but he becomes distracted by Torano and the questionable actions he takes to bolster the defenses of Cathair Neamhai. Cymru fears that his father, in placing his hope in dark and forbidden powers is embarking on a path that will turn their city into a tyrannical dictatorship, and he begins to wonder who the real apostate is. Reality itself reveals the secret of the Neamhain's true identity as it begins to cry out her name for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. This draws Impieta of the gods infernal into contact with Morganthe and Lascivia, to offer her help, but do the gods apostate actually want her help? And no sooner does Impieta exit the stage than Morta and an army of her vampire children arrive seeking revenge. This leads to a cataclysmic confrontation that will not leave the gods apostate unscathed. Who will live? Who will die? The answers await you within.

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Volume IV


The gods apostate take up residence in the abandoned city of Melonia. Morganthe's decision to offer blanket forgiveness to the spirits of the departed awaiting judgment at the Far Shore leads her into direct conflict with Anon. Mendacius is reincarnated from the well of eternity, and sets out to find his fellow gods apostate, only to discover that wherever they are, they are well hidden. Along the way, he encounters Ashandira, and Vishantu who aid him in his search, and Joramu who is also seeking the gods apostate to ask them to help de-escalate the civil war that is being fought now between Buntu and his brother Azutu in M'Grambu. Cuilithe, meanwhile, charges Morganthe with finding the artifact hidden beneath the library of Melonia. The search for the artifact will set Morganthe on a course that will lead to her discovery of the ultimate fate suffered by the melonian gods that left their city abandoned.

Meanwhile, Cymru, Nef, Finn and Bron begin gathering allies to help them overthrow Torano's rule in Cathair Neamhai. They build an army of lycanthropes to help them: Nehebu, Garoux, Basteti and others. But events set into motion in Infernus threaten to disrupt all their plans. Will Mendacius find his way back to the gods apostate? What is the artifact hidden beneath the library of Melonia, and what happened to the melonian gods? Will Cymru succeed in overthrowing the tyrannical rule of his father? And what wicked scheme has Maledictus concocted? The answers await you within.

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